NFL MVP Betting: 3 Reasons Aaron Rodgers Will & Won’t Win MVP Again

NFL MVP Betting: 3 Reasons Aaron Rodgers Will & Won’t Win MVP Again

Last season, Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers pulled off a very rare feat. No, he did not win a playoff game. Rodgers did however win his second straight MVP. It was Rodgers’ fourth league MVP of his career.카지노사이트

A-Rod won in a landslide over the other candidates, receiving 39 out of 50 possible votes. Tom Brady came in a distant second with 10 votes. Rams WR Cooper Kupp received the remaining vote.

Back-to-back MVP awards are impressive enough, but Rodgers could achieve an even rarer feat this season. No player has won three MVPs in a row since Brett Favre did it from 1995-1997.

Who Are the NFL MVP Favorites?

  • Josh Allen (+500)
  • Justin Herbert (+900)
  • Tom Brady (+1000)
  • Patrick Mahomes (+1100)
  • Joe Burrow (+1200)
  • Russell Wilson (+1400)
  • Aaron Rodgers (+1600)
  • Matthew Stafford (+1600)

The NFL regular season has not started yet. However, based on preseason MVP betting odds from BetOnline, Rodgers has a lot of ground to make up. Currently, Bills’ QB Josh Allen (+500) has the best odds to win MVP this season.

Allen put on an incredible performance in the playoffs last season. He threw for 637 yards, 9 TDs, and 0 INTs in the two games he played. Buffalo ultimately fell short in the divisional round, but many oddsmakers have the Bills as Super Bowl favorites this season.

Rounding out the top three is none other than the G.O.A.T., Tom Brady. Many people believed Brady should have won the award after racking up 5,316 passing yards and 43 passing TDs. If Brady can get close to those numbers again this season, he will be in the MVP race once again.

Why Aaron Rodgers Will Win NFL MVP Again

Rodgers is currently tied for the seventh-best MVP odds. However, as we have seen in previous years, MVP contenders can fall by the wayside very quickly. Here are three reasons to believe in Rodgers’ chances of an MVP three-peat.

Let’s face it, NFL teams and the NFL media have gone a tad overboard with the analytics. More teams than ever are investing in and relying on advanced analytics to make decisions. This issue is not limited to just the NFL, either.

In the NBA, the Denver Nuggets’ Nikola Jokic also won his second straight MVP award last season. Many detractors believe Jokic won the award solely based on analytics. The Nuggets were the sixth seed and lost in a gentleman’s sweep to the eventual NBA Champion Golden State Warriors.

Rodgers has enjoyed similar benefits from the use, or overuse, of analytics. His 37-4 TD-INT ratio was too great to overlook. Rodgers also completed 68.9% of his passes for 4,115 yards.

The analytics-focused argument for Rodgers is not likely to go aware this season. Unless another QB can outperform Rodgers in the advanced stats, he will get the vote from the stats guys. With only 50 votes available, every vote counts.

The NFC Is Top Heavy

Part of the unwritten criteria for winning an MVP is that you have to be on a good team. In recent years especially, MVP winners have been QBs that led their team to a top-two seed. This trend can help Rodgers this season.

The top seed in the NFC appears to be a three-team race. The Buccaneers (+375), Rams (+450), and Packers (+525) have the shortest odds to win the AFC this season. However, the Rams have to compete with the 49ers and the Cardinals in their own division.

That just leaves the Packers. The NFC North is one of the weaker divisions and should provide easy wins for Green Bay. If Rodgers can guide the Packers to the number one seed again, he will greatly improve his MVP odds.

He Has No Weapons on Offense

There is a debate every year about what the criteria should be for the MVP award. The term “valuable” is subject, but it is hard to argue any player is more valuable than a team’s QB. As a result, QBs have dominated the MVP award voting in recent years.

The last player to win the MVP award that was not a QB was RB Adrian Peterson in 2012. The MVP has essentially become the “Best QB” award. One way to prove you are the best QB is to do more with less around you.

Rodgers heavily relied on WR Davante Adams over the last two years. There were two major reasons for this. First and foremost, Adams is arguably the best WR in the NFL. Second, Rodgers did not have any other weapons to work with.바카라사이트

Adams was granted a trade to the Raiders earlier this season, leaving Rodgers with a question mark at WR. Rodgers deserves the MVP if he can win double-digit games with Sammy Watkins and Allen Lazard as his top receivers.

Why Aaron Rodgers Will Not Win NFL MVP Again

There are plenty of reasons to believe in Rodger’s MVP three-peat. However, there are also a lot of reasons to doubt that another MVP trophy is heading to Green Bay. Here are three reasons that Aaron Rodgers will not win the NFL MVP again this season.

He Has No Weapons on Offense
Winning football games is hard to do in the NFL. It is even harder to win when you do not have a lot of talent around you. If Rodgers can get the Packers to 13 wins again this season, he is a lock to win the MVP.

If this were a movie, then Rodgers would almost certainly pull off the improbable. He would make stars out of Watkins, Lazard, and rookie WR Christian Watson. Unfortunately, this is real life and not a movie.

The biggest reason to doubt Rodgers’ MVP chances this season is that he has no one to throw to. An increase in drops and a decrease in YAC could severely hurt Rodgers’ stats this season. He could also throw more INTs if he is not on the same page as his WRs.

Other Players Have Better Stories
One of the reasons it is so hard to win three straight MVP awards is because of voter fatigue. The MVP award is becoming increasingly dependent on the narratives around the candidates. Off-the-field storylines can affect voters almost as much as their on-the-field performances.

Other players, such as Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, and others could provide better, more unique storylines this season. With so many great players competing for the same award, every little bit helps.

The Packers Will Not Win Enough Games
There is no rule that says the MVP has to go to a player on the team with the best record. However, it is hard to find a better argument for what makes a player “valuable” than their ability to win games. Winning has certainly helped Rodgers in his MVP campaigns the last two seasons.

Green Bay earned the number one seed in the NFC in each of the last two seasons. To do so, Rodgers and the Packers had to win 13 games both years. Unfortunately for the cheese head faithful, that win total is a long shot this season.

The loss of Davante Adams will hurt the Packers, especially early in the season. The question is, how many wins will it cost them? Even if the Packers only lose two extra games, that could be enough to cost them the number one seed.

Without the number one seed, Rodgers is all but out of the MVP race. Green Bay is not even a lock to win their division, let alone the number one seed. The Vikings could have a resurgence in their first year under HC Kevin O’Connell. Where to Find the Best NFL MVP Betting Odds

Aaron Rodgers kicks off another MVP defense this season. The future Hall of Famer has the chance to become just the second player to win three-straight MVPs. There are plenty of arguments on both sides of the Rodgers’ there-peat debate.

Regardless of which side you are on, it is certainly a story to watch this NFL season. For the latest NFL news, check out these pages.온라인카지노

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