All Types of Casino Jackpots Explained

All Types of Casino Jackpots Explained

  • Casinos offer thousands of gambling games, all with different jackpots
  • What are the most popular types of jackpots one can hit at online casinos?
  • Learn the difference between fixed and progressive jackpots, and more
  • all types of casino jackpots explained

Not all casino games can bring the same profit to their lucky winners. Some games have better payouts, while the others pay modest sums of money but do it more frequently.

To learn all the nuances about potential profit in gambling games, here you have all types of casino jackpots explained.

When an inexperienced gambler hears the word “jackpot”, he probably thinks of the difficulties he might face to hit it. Most newcomers in the gambling world think that success at casino games depends purely on luck. There is a grain of truth of course.

But gambling is not completely about randomness. It involves a lot of thinking, strategies, and knowledge about games one should play to win. One of the main things everyone has to know about casino games is the types of jackpots.

Both land-based and online casinos offer multiple games, all with different types of jackpots. If you want to have all types of casino jackpots explained along with their peculiarities, advantages, and disadvantages, just scroll down to keep reading!

All Types of Casino Jackpots Explained

So, it is not a secret anymore that online and offline casino games feature several types of jackpots. All have their own pros and cons.

Not all jackpots can fit the same player as everyone has his own goals in gambling.

All types of casino jackpots explained

We have already focused on two main types of jackpots in slots which will be present in this article too.

However, casinos usually offer games with one of the five types of jackpots that exist. they are:

  • Fixed Jackpot
  • Progressive Jackpot
  • Network Jackpot
  • Progressive Wide Area
  • Multiple Jackpots
  • Fixed Jackpot

Fixed jackpot casino games are also known as non-progressive games. In these games, no matter how much the player bets. The maximum jackpot does not increase.

This means that the jackpot is set per game in casinos like 22Bet and never changes. If the jackpot is set at $500, the player cannot win more than that amount.


Most casino games, including slots, offer fixed or non-gradual jackpots. While fixed jackpot games may seem unprofitable. Especially for high stakes players, it is very easy to win at fixed jackpot games. 먹튀검증

Non-progressive jackpot games usually pay out smaller and smaller amounts than games with other types of jackpots.

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Progressive jackpot and its types

Conversely, a progressive jackpot is a constantly increasing jackpot. A game with a progressive jackpot keeps increasing every time someone plays but doesn’t win. The pots pile up until one lucky player wins and claims all the money.

Once a progressive jackpot is won, the pot starts accumulating from scratch. Obviously, the longer no one hits the jackpot, the bigger it gets. Sometimes, progressive jackpots reach dozens and hundreds of thousands.

Or even millions at online casinos in Germany.

The disadvantage of progressive jackpots is that one can spend a long-long time attempting to win the game but the prize will go to another player who played it once at the right time.

Network Jackpots

Network jackpots belong to progressive ones. However, there is one important difference between the two. It’s networking. What do you mean? Progressive jackpot games are hosted by individual casinos, while network jackpot games are hosted by multiple casinos.

All types of casino jackpots explained

For example, three online casinos host the same games, usually live dealer games. Since it is being broadcast on different sites. At the same time and involves players from all three sites, the game he shares the same jackpot on all three sites. 카지노사이트

Wide Area Progressive Jackpots

Wide Area Progressive (WAP) jackpots are also related to progressive jackpots. Unlike network jackpots, these come from a small percentage of every bet made not just at different casino sites but all over the world.

It works if the same game from the same provider is found in multiple locations. Therefore, they are theoretically the most profitable games for players because the pot can reach astronomical sums.

However, the problem is that the player never knows whether this particular game has the WAP jackpot or just the progressive one. It all depends on luck.

Multiple Jackpots

Some online gambling sites in Germany offer games with multiple jackpots. They are not as popular as others but are necessary to be mentioned if we want to have all types of casino jackpots explained.

As a rule, these games feature two or more pots with small prizes. It allows multiple players to hit the jackpot at the same time. Also, there are games that let players hit one mega jackpot and several smaller pots. 바카라사이트

Nevertheless, games with multiple jackpots can be quite profitable for players and casinos at the same time. Most games with multiple jackpots are slots.

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